Call For Entries

The first Tehran Advertising Film Festival in the field of video productions and advertising content in TV, cinema, home video, social media, digital, and cyberspace will take place on Feb 18th-20th 2019 in Tehran-Iran, with the motto of "A new look at the role of advertising in economy, employment, and entrepreneurship". The dates are from March 29 to March 1 of this year. The festival is held with the aim of creating a constructive competition and introducing superior patterns, helping to innovate and promote effectiveness of advertisements, supporting creative economic ideas, selecting and introducing the superior audiovisual productions.

Festivals’ Agenda:

1- Selection and introduction of production cast & crew, the superior works, and a variety of creative and effective methods in the growth and improvement of the economy, employment, and entrepreneurship.

2- Creating a constructive competition and introduction of top models in the production of audiovisual promotional videos.

3- Helping to innovate and promote the effectiveness of audiovisual advertising. 

4- Assisting the growth and enhancement of the scientific and empirical knowledge of organizations, manufacturing companies and services, banks, and insurance companies in the field of audiovisual advertising. 

5- Familiarizing advertising professionals and clients with common and up-to-date standards, tools, and technologies of advertising industry.  

6- Development of cooperation and interaction between the media with clients and producers of audiovisual promotional products.

7- Help to strengthen the position of advertising in the country.

8- Strengthening the culture of advertising in the country. 



The festival consists of two competition and non-competition sections. In the Competition Sections, the submitted works will be reviewed by the selection committee and will be awarded for the following subjects:


Reporting Ads

Industrial Film

Exhibition videos

Short advertising film


Best Actor/actress

Best Cinematographer

Best Director

Best idea

Best narration

Best Music

Best Edit

Best Company

Best video with social responsibility subject


Competition Awards include the Statue of the Festival, the honored Diploma and other valuable awards that will be awarded to the selected participants on various topics.

International Section

Retrospective on one of the Advertising international festival

International Guests